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  • Race related stress and trauma

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    Being a person of color in America can be exhausting. There are many issues that are a part of daily life that not everyone will understand. It is important to acknowledge when it is time to seek help with coping and processing race related stress and trauma in a heathy culturally affirming space. Racial trauma is the result of ongoing exposure to racial stressors such as racism, racial bias, discrimination, violence against people of color, and racist abuse in the media that creates an environment in which a person of color feels unsafe simply because the color of their skin.

    Examples of Racial trauma may include:

    • Direct or indirect exposure to racist abuse or discrimination
    • Media depictions of racism, such as police violence against unarmed Black people
    • Race-related workplace bullying
    • Your experiences not being taken seriously or minimized

    As a result of the ongoing stress, this can begin to cause disruptions to a person’s overall functioning and quality of life. The symptoms of race-related stress/trauma can vary, however, the negative impact is consistent.

    Psychological Symptoms may include:

    • Re-experiencing the trauma (nightmares or “replaying” in your head)
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Hopelessness
    • Hypervigilance
    • Dissociation- Feeling numb or disconnected from yourself or others
    • Low self-worth or self-esteem
    • Fear for yourself or loved ones

    Race-related stress and trauma can feel endless and at times overwhelming. It can negatively impact the mind, body, and spirit. Anger, sadness, fear, feelings of helplessness, exhaustion, rage, and the desire to act may emerge at unpredictable times in an unpredictable manner. I am here to create a safe and empowered space for you to express your feelings without feeling the need to sugarcoat, overly explain or spare someone else’s feelings.

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