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  • Chasity Williams, LCSW-S

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    My name is Chasity Williams but please call me Chaz. I am a trauma-informed Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Supervisor). I currently work with individual adults 18+. My initial career plan did not include being a therapist, but this career chose me. I am very passionate about helping others create a path to finding their true selves. So often we can get lost in the many traumas, hurts, and emotional baggage that we carry. As this becomes heavier it begins to cause detriment to daily functioning and the overall quality and happiness of life. I love being able provide a pathway for others to find freedom from the many issues that have been creating weight and unlearning some of the thinking patterns that may be holding you back.

    I am a huge believer in humor and laughter. I try to bring this into sessions when appropriate as laughter can alleviate the impact of the initial stress response and soothe tensions. This can be comforting when discussing topics that can be very heavy and challenging to discuss.

    I am an avid lover of fitness, animals and things that empower me as a Black woman. I run regularly and engage in swimming lessons. I have 3 dogs (Lily, Chloe and Misty) and a cat (Sox). I also believe in self-care and practice what I preach to others in making sure that I am also taking care of my own mind, body and spirit to remain in a healthy space


    Masters of Social Work, Texas State University-San Marcos


    Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Supervisor for those seeking LCSW licensure

    Texas Licensure


    Working with individual adults in some of the following areas:

    • Grief
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Medical personnel
    • Racial Stress
    • Relationship and family issues
    • Self-care/ Stress management
    • Survivors of sexual violence

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